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Forever - Heartshaped Sterling Silver Necklace

Forever - Heartshaped Sterling Silver Necklace

Here Forever. Heartshaped metalsmithed necklace in solid sterling silver. Adorned with a rosecut garnet. Chain length can be adjusted between "15.7 upto "20 . ( Swedish: 40-53cm )

Now to the story;
This necklace was made the days after a close relative passed. 
It was my way of healing. Building something that was whole and not
shattered in a million pieces like my own heart was. 
This was the piece that pushed me into getting back to the metalsmithing bench. 
It has all the good energy it gave me while working on it.
Please know that anyone who purchase this, will hold a very meaningful and powerful piece. 
It healed me. Now let it heal you!
1000 SEK500 SEK
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